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Title: Wayfinding, pt 1/?
Rating: R, for the Winchesters' mouths
Summary: In which it would be difficult for Deanna Winchester to be the righteous man, I indulge my college nostalgia, and Castiel needs to turn down the volume. )

I always end up unable to resist my urge to write genderfuck. It always changes a story in so many ways, and I've been obsessed with how the Winchester's story would be different if Dean was born Deanna for years now. Happy reading!
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So, I'm tooling around the internets today and trip over this gem, talking about how Jennifer Love Hewitt -- probably now more famous for popularizing vagazzling -- is in a movie called "The List" that's about giving people happy endings in a massage parlor. I actually laughed out loud at this, primarily because I, too, am writing a story about people giving people happy endings called "The List," although not in shitty downmarket massage parlors so much as, you know, the revoltingly expensive flat that Arthur Pendragon rented specifically for this business.

I think I mentioned this story to at least one person at minimerlin, so what the hell:

This is just a sneak peak, who knows when enough of this is written to warrant it being called a real actual work in progress. Also: corsets. )

In other news regarding my formspring.me page: holy shit, ya'll, you have a lot of questions.
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Title: Discourses in Management (Lab), pt 2/?
Rating: R, for tomfoolery, and well, see the subject line
Summary: In which Spock is sort of like that crazy, hot girl and haters are gonna hate. )

I bet nobody even remembered I was writing this, did they? To see the previous section, click the "management" tag. Happy reading!
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Title: L/A/S, pt 5/?
Rating: R, because Jim Kirk just has all these feelings.
Summary: In which Jim excels at acting out, chess, and repressing the need to run victory laps over small victories. )

Happy reading!
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Title: Asunder, pt 5/?
Rating: R, for embarrassing childhood stories
Stummary: In which Jo gets medieval with a staple gun, Cas really should have known better, and everybody is totally unsubtle. )


No but seriously, I have to stop cheating. NO MORE.

Anyway, word count as of right now on that --

21065 / 50000 words. 42% done!
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ETA: WTF, this didn't crosspost? Anyway, uh, sorry LJ-only readers!

It was a horrible, horrible, horrible flight.

Title: Asunder, pt 4/?
Rating: R, because now Ruby's getting in on the act.
Summary: In which Dean isn't fooling anybody, Sam is wearing a Smurf t-shirt, and Cas doesn't need anybody to protect him. )

And now I am home. Happy reading!
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Title: L/A/S, pt 2/?
Rating: R, for tantric assfuckery (but not really)
Summary: (ST!Reboot, previous parts can be found by clicking the "las" tag.) In which Jim has a number of headaches, Spock's doing the best that he can, and Pike is probably just in it for the lols. )

Happy reading!
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Uploaded with plasq's Skitch!

Title: Discourses in Management (Lab), pt 1/? )
Rating: For now, PG-13, for language
Summary: “How’s it going?” the instructor asks, her voice a harmony, hovering nearby. / "Futilely,” Spock volunteers at the same time Jim says, “Shitty.”

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