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Obviously this is brilliant and everybody should go play and enjoy:

Because let's not lie, all 12 seconds of the royal wedding coverage that didn't make me want to claw my own eyes out were all spent imagining Merlin and Arthur and getting married. Additional incentive to get involved, I may or may not have committed a DRP extra (sadly, not a sextra).
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So occasionally I torture [personal profile] zoetrope until she knuckles under and does stuff for my entertainment, for example how I was preposterously tragic all week last week and the beginning of this week and GUYS SHE WROTE ARTHUR AND MERLIN'S FIRST INTERVIEW POST PUBLIC OUTING IN THE DRP UNIVERSE! It's adorable. It's so sweet. You guys shouldn't even be reading this dribble anymore -- you should be clicking the hell outta that link! Go tell her she's awesome!


Nov. 27th, 2009 12:58 pm
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GUYS! THE AGONY OF CREEPING EVER CLOSER TO MY NATURAL DEMISE IS BEING TEMPERED BY THIS DELICIOUSNESS RIGHT HERE, DEPICTING ASTRID AND EVERETT FROM ONE OF MY FAVORITE MOMENTS from Five Things! It's awesome! [personal profile] xenakis is awesome! Everett is based off of Karl Urban! Why are you still here? Click! CLICK IT!
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Title: Five Secrets That Ought to Be Kept (And One for the Road)
Rating: NC-17
Summary: (A Drastically Redefining Protocol extra, which might be considered in some small part a sextra, but honestly, not really.) See the title. Consider yourself warned.

Happy reading, and thanks to [personal profile] thehoyden for the supremely quick and dirty beta.
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GAIS! LOOK! LOOKY LOOK AT THIS GORGEOUS ART THAT [personal profile] xenakis MADE! It's from, actually, one of my favorite scenes in Drastically Redefining Protocol, wherein Merlin is fatuous and melancholy and they are both very ARTFULLY LIT. Go look! Tell her it's lovely!
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Title: Services Rendered
Rating: NC-17, for you know, assfucking (and now, since I figure everybody who will want to read it has and there is no chance for accidental spoilage -- SEXTRA!)
Summary: “Imagine the PR nightmare if good, hardworking French escorts found out.”

The only author's note I have is: wait for it. Happy reading!
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And now, [personal profile] zoetrope and I are in Bath, where we were not killed by cows, but have acquired the best hotel room possibly ever, which [personal profile] zoetrope insists on having, and deserves to have, all the credit for. And also, two bottles of champagne in, I am going to post this, which is the beginning of a future sextra! With bonus baby action!

I don't know if I can really call this a sextra. I mean, it has infants in it. I'm just saying. It seems wrong. )
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So on Thursday and Friday I spent a combined 28 hours at work. On Thursday, somebody had to slap me upside the back of the head to wake me up because I had fallen asleep on top of my keyboard, oh, and then one of my managers said I needed an attitude adjustment because I was trashtalking. At 10 p.m. after having gotten in at 7:06 in the morning. Because everybody should be a giant ball of fucking joy on hour 15 of their day in the office.

In conclusion: have some assfucking!

Title: Keepsake
Rating: NC-17, for writing that thing that gets referenced in Honeymoon and also because it is a SEXTRA!
Summary: In lieu of an actual summary, I give you this exchange that happened as I was forcing [personal profile] mklutz to beta this thing:

[personal profile] mklutz: oh my god, this is fiiiiilthy!
[personal profile] rageprufrock: *sooooobs*
[personal profile] rageprufrock: i knoooooow

Happy reading!

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