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Of course you do. Otherwise, we would have nothing to talk about. If you're inclined to watch heterosexual fucking in addition to your normal consumption of Merlin and Arthur fucking like rabbits, I highly recommend Handcuffs, a short film by Lust Cinema. Excerpt from their website:

Welcome to Lust Cinema. Here you will find movies and scenes produced by Lust Films of Barcelona, an independent adult film production company that produces intimate, daring films that are not afraid to break taboos. Our productions, always directed by women, explore sexuality with courage and innovation, casting a fresh new light on the tired and monotonous world of adult entertainment.

Handcuffs is a short piece (the file, which is a free download or available for streaming at the above link, is just over 7 minutes, the actual film itself is just a little over 5 minutes), but it's so fucking interesting. I could do with a little less atmospheric lighting and shaky handheld camera work, and there's a period in the middle where the music is intrusive, but compared to most of the erotica out there this was such a revelation. While graphic, it's intimate, claustrophobic, and even though there's nudity, the sex is mostly in your head, and it's hot.

Go check it out -- it's not often I find mainstream erotica worth the effort and money, but these guys have me a little bit excited, squirming a little bit in my seat. And if the pitch for sex-positive female-directed porn isn't enough to send you clicking, folks, someone wears a fascinator for the entire sex scene.

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