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So I was reorganizing my nonfiction bookshelf this morning (shut up) when I started laughing because (a) I was reorganizing my nonfiction bookshelf, and (b) I realized that I never had a fucking chance when it came to Inception fandom -- not the movie itself, but the fandom -- because oh my God, no joke, this is just a random selection of titles:

Provenance (art forgery, con men)
Mindhunter (serial killers)
Just Do It (fucking)
Queen of Fashion (self-evident, Marie Antoinette)
Seven Days in the Art World (douchebags)
Sex with the Queen (fucking)
Erotic Verse (surprisingly, not really about fucking)
Best American Crime Writing 2007 (slick douchebags)
Kimono (cultural history of textiles in Japan, I hate myself, and Liza Dalby)
Eleanor of Aquitaine (fucking, Eleanor of Aquitaine)
Notes from a Small Island (England is Weird, But Charming!)
The Fortune Tellers (con men, Silicon Valley)
Nuns (fucking -- no, I'm not kidding! Nuns are all about poon!)

And then I had this horrible moment where I was like, I bet this is what Arthur and Eames's bookshelves look like after they've pooled all their stuff and wanted to start drinking way, way too early in the day.

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