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So there are plumbers trying to fix my hot water right now, which busted hardcore yesterday just in time for [personal profile] mklutz to arrive in my apartment and is now interrupting the late Christmas dinner I was supposed to be having with Zoetrope, her mother, said guest, both Zoetrope's cats, and a bunch of Christmas crackers, so my mood can generously be described as FUCKING MURDEROUS. The only reason I haven't busted into my supply of liquor is because if I drink, I'm probably going to start crying. Misery.

THE POINT IS, while [personal profile] cobweb_diamond was having her own plumbing disaster prior to Yuletide, I promised her if she finished I'd write her porn, and then [personal profile] cherrybina got all excited and apparently I sublimate serious distress into writing so you know, here, have some smut. If I had to title this, it would be something terrible. Like Rough Trade. Or...I don't know, By the Hour.

Which is why I am sparing you the grief and not titling it at all. )

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