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Click above to read today's essay about women in sports. I was thinking about this, how yes, all the big names of late have been men, but maybe even worse than just lack of exposure for female athletes -- of the positive kind -- is the coverage when they break form. Does anybody else remember when Serena Williams got fined something ridiculous? Maybe she shouldn't have exploded, but honestly, how many "bad boys" of sports are revered, and Williams gets slapped with a fine? Annoying.

ANYWAY, a big THE Ohio State welcome to --

Title: (Un)covered
Rating: NC-17, for graphic het.
Summary: NCIS genderfuck -- if Tony had been Toni. Toni has spent her entire life hopelessly in love with people.

Many, many thanks to [profile] lepaugus for the fabulous beta. As for this story -- I feel like I could write an entire 14 Valentines entry about the process of writing it, and the almost alien intimacy of it.

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