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Photos from Paris )

Warning: huge, and huge numbers of pictures.
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Today, I walked from my hotel on the border of the 13th and 5th Arrondissement through two different open-air markets where I kept wanting to buy cheese and fish and olives before I made my way up to the Sorbonne and around the Parthenon, did a long, long circuit of the Musee de Cluny (oh my God, so many beautiful things, so poorly curated), then down the narrows of Rue de Severin and did a round of Saint Severin, too, and marveled at it for being lovely and overlooked. Against my better judgment, I ignored the fact that it was a beautiful, sunny, breezy day in Paris, thereby guaranteeing every twat with a hardcore flash function on their camera would be at Notre Dame taking washed out fucking pictures of stained glass and ignoring that it's a working cathedral and went there, too, and stared at the vaulting and looked or new-to-me grotesques and got the hell out of there as quickly as possible and down along the river to Saint Chapelle.

In case you've never been, or never heard of it, Saint Chapelle is an utterly unmissable jewel box of a church, located inside the courts of justice, or whatever they're called, down the river from Notre Dame. The crowd, and there still is one, is about a tenth of what it is at Notre Dame -- and that's on a day where it's considered packed, as I understand it -- and it's a startlingly, startlingly beautiful contrast to what we think of as medieval in every way. Go see it. You absolutely won't regret it -- the entryway is enough to take your breath away, and then hang a hard right after you've done a circuit of the almost claustrophobic and technicolor first level and hazard an extremely, dizzyingly narrow spiral staircase until you come up on the second floor. They're mid-restoration, but they've chosen to do it in a smart way, so that the facing wall of stained glass you see when you hit the top stair is so arresting you end up freezing there for a minute, causing a traffic jam behind you. I can't wait to come back when they're done.

And after I couldn't excuse any further loitering there, I walked all through the Tulleries and accidentally went and hung out in front of the Louvre -- this will be controversial, guys: I love the glass pyramids -- before climbing the long, slow incline of the Champs-Elysees to the Arc the Triumph, which continued to be underwhelming compared to other things, like how polite French drivers are and the people unironically rollerblading around Paris.

All in all, a really good day. I'm also curious -- would anyone actually want to see pictures?

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