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I am out sick today, which apparently means nothing to my coworkers, who have graciously scheduled for me a meeting tomorrow morning. At 7:30 a.m. If I wasn't more or less surgically cleaved to my crackberry I never would have known, and also, would have rolled into work at 7:30 as I usually do and been horrendously late to said meeting. So now I am making calls and juggling meeting rooms and wishing for sweet, sweet death all over again.

In conclusion: yeah, this dreamwidth account is going to suffer the same sort of tantrums that my lj one did. I'll be crossposting fiction when I post it, but probably not much else. I like clean transitions, don't you?

Also, just to kick things off right

I am currently referring to this story as artfucking, which, while accurate, is also somewhat misleading, and also, probably not the overall image I want to leave you with given that I am spending more time studying art to write this than I did when I was almost majoring in it. Also, I think I may title this Provenance. Uh, NC-17. Right off the bat. )

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