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Title: D:
Rating: NC-17(ish)
Summary: "Oh my God, this shit has developed a narrative thread," Chris marvels.

Takes you to a download of the MP3 file -- happy listening!

Stay tuned. There's a fun little extra tied to this coming up soon.
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So it started when [personal profile] leupagus asked me to make her happy by writing something terrible and then extended out when she sucked it up and wrote something terrible in response and then the cycle of pain continued despite all indications that we should stop writing stupid RPS about Zachary Quinto making Chris Pine build him gazebos. (Which require the presence of an exterior fireplace and a water feature with a waterfall because otherwise, what is the fucking point, right?)

Instead, we made [personal profile] twentysomething write this part, and now is it my horrible obligation to post it.

And here we go again. )

Go forth, tell [personal profile] twentysomething she is terrible-amazing.
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Title: D:, cowritten with [personal profile] leupagus
Rating: PG, for uh. Well, probably stupidity.
Summary: (Star Trek (2009) RPS, Quinto/Pine) "Oh my God, this shit has developed a narrative thread," Chris marvels.

Weirdly, Archive of Our Own wouldn't let me put her in as a cowriter (treasonous unwillingness to accept that she has party in this shamefulness? y/y?), but don't worry, bb, I'll make sure the whole God damn world knows that what would have stayed one of those stupid things we yammer about in chat got turned into a grown-ass story thanks to you, [personal profile] leupagus.

And don't forget, bitches! Merlin tonight! 8 p.m. EDT!

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