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So, yay?

For ages, [personal profile] mklutz and I have been fantasizing that in the ocean of podcasts about sports, culture, math, poetry slams, et al someone would make a slash fandom podcast. Given that about two years have gone by since we first wanted that like burning and it hasn't happened, and since we had multiple multi-hour discussions about USA's Suits, we thought, "Fuck it, let's just record one ourselves."

This is the inaugural Slashcast, featuring Suits, Hawaii 5-0 (and lots of spoilers for it), an unfortunate detour into The Sentinel, a slight pass over The Mentalist and our weekly fanfiction rec plus which story we're gagging for most desperately on any of the thousand kink memes we follow!

To the Slashcast!

Happy listening! Suggestions? Stuff you'd like us to talk about next time? Let us know!


By popular request, links to the fic recs from the end of the podcast:

Knot a Problem by Jane Davitt (Suits, Harvey/Mike)

Veela!Mike by anon (Suits/HP, Harvey/Mike, etc.)

Humane Society by Smilebackwards (XMFC, Erik/Charles)

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