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[personal profile] mklutz: also apparently Zac Efron was in an ep of NCIS
[personal profile] mklutz: so I looked it up
[personal profile] mklutz: and I am 99% sure he plays the victim of a pedo
[personal profile] rageprufrock: no no
[personal profile] rageprufrock: i've seen it
[personal profile] rageprufrock: not pedo
[personal profile] rageprufrock: or even murdered
[personal profile] mklutz: episode summary
[personal profile] mklutz: An abducted officer leads to the possible theft of nuclear material and a suspected pedophile.
[personal profile] rageprufrock: yep
[personal profile] rageprufrock: but not zac efron
[personal profile] mklutz: no?
[personal profile] rageprufrock: nope
[personal profile] rageprufrock: shocking, right
[personal profile] mklutz: he's total jail bait!
[personal profile] rageprufrock: i love how you're UPSET
[personal profile] rageprufrock: that he wasn't pedoed
[personal profile] rageprufrock: in this episode.
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We're going to be lucky enough to have [personal profile] thehoyden on the /report the weekend of Nov. 5/6 to answer all of your burning questions about life, the universe, everything, and of course, writing. Send us your questions! Leave them in comments here, or drop us a line at our Twitter account.

ETA: Gah. Yes. Apparently my brain's a lot deader post-work than I thought. Thanks for pointing it out, guys.


Oct. 21st, 2011 09:30 pm
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The mini-episode for Merlin is up! You can grab it over here on [community profile] slashreport, or by following us on twitter.


Oct. 10th, 2011 05:47 am
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Sorry about the late posting, one of us (read: me) passed out at 10 p.m. last night before the last bits of editing were down like a wuss. But! To steal [personal profile] mklutz's entry entirely, we have a single com now! Next week when there are fic recs they will all be up in the episode post at [community profile] slashreport. Head over here to see the download post or follow us on twitter.


Oct. 2nd, 2011 11:50 pm
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MK and I are back and incrementally less depressed than in our last, emergency podcast! This week, we talk about Fringe (Fringe! Feelings!), The Good Wife (The Good Wife! Cunnilingus! The female orgasm!), The Mentalist (OMG The Mentalist! What the actual fuck was that!) and then we chat about the latest updates and developments in the state of the Great Delicious Departure and a bit about the fannish alternative to delicious. As always, check out Twitter for our recs and to find out about our opening and closing music, and feel free to pepper us with all of your thoughts and feelings and keyboard smashing either @slashreport on said Twitter, or by shooting us an email at slashreport@gmail.com.

To the /report! View to stream online, right click to download, or, subscribe to our RSS feed here.

Also, associated with alternative fannish delicious...here's what the crew is looking for:

• Programmers, or people willing to learn Ruby / Java / etc
• UX/UI people
• Systems person to manage other things and/or a server eventually
• Entrepreneur/business types
• Launch page / updates blog / etc
• Hosting or someone to manage hosting - more complicated since it must run some kind of ruby - if you're interested in providing we can give you more details
• Javascript people who can make browser extensions (Chrome, Firefox)
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(To clarify, that's poop.)

So some stuff happened with Delicious today. Stuff that was not cool. Stuff that was, indeed, not cool enough that [personal profile] mklutz and I felt the need to do an emergency podcast on this bullshit. No fancy art or music this week, and all of our laughter is just a little bit manic and drunk, or manic and ill, but we go over what's actually happened with our beloved bookmarking service as well as some alternatives if you've reached the end of your rope.

Click to stream the /report or download, or you can always check our our RSS feed (which means you can subscribe to us using iTunes > Advanced > Subscribe to Podcast and filling in the URL) here.


Sep. 25th, 2011 11:28 pm
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Heads up, /reporters! We're back for another fun-filled week of fandom and fipperies. This time, we're joined again by [personal profile] leupagus to talk about Hawaii 5-0's season premier, and if it made everybody hate that show less, new episodes of NCIS original flavor and Castle. I also get stuck looking at my life, looking at my choices and explaining the kink concept of knotting, offer up some answers to listener questions, and cue another installment in Fandom Safari!

To the /report!

As always, to stream, just click "view," and to download, alt+option click. And, as per requested, if you'd like to subscribe to /report via iTunes or other podcasting software, have some RSS options:



Sep. 18th, 2011 10:05 pm
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We're back! I'm sure you were inconsolable last week but we're making up for it by having an extra long collection of asinine fannish comments and swearing! It's /report's fall preview, where we discuss Suits and Necessary Roughness's rookie years, shows we can't wait for (Fringe! The Good Wife!) and shows we're...less enthusiastic about (Hawaii 5-0!) and try to make "Fassbendered" happen.

To the /report! Click "View" to stream the episode or Alt/Option click the view button to download it. And as always, get our recs for the week and other sundries via our Twitter.


Sep. 4th, 2011 06:01 pm
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In this week's /report, [personal profile] leupagus and I get our writerly douche on, talk about the travails of concrit, inflict upon you my still-strong Harry Potter rage, discuss anonymous hate memes and recommend to you our latest flotilla of delights for the week.

To the Slash Report!

Stream online, or download by using click+alt or click+ctrl, and as always, for links to our weekly recs, go to our Twitter account.


Aug. 28th, 2011 03:29 pm
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This week on /report, we talk about desert island fanfiction, people who would make good Sentinels (ugh), and then trick [personal profile] merelyn and bonus [personal profile] twentysomething into hanging out with us during their hurricane party to discuss fandom diaspora-stroke-fragmentation. We play our inaugural round of Fannish Safari, make a lot of Mean Girls references, and give you our recs for the week!

To the podcast!

Stream online or listen by download by striking alt or ctrl and clicking. For links to things we've mentioned in this week's podcast and rec links, check out our twitter account.

Happy listening!


Aug. 21st, 2011 07:00 pm
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This week, we talk about geographically confused cover art (you'll see what we mean), do a drive-by on some summer television, meditate a long time on the subject of Tony Stark and Captain America and whether or not the Avengers is going to be a hot fucking mess, and detour -- as we always do -- to those irresistible fandoms that keep drawing us in. Plus, our recommendations for the week!

To the /report! Either listen online or download by using either alt or option click.

To find links to this week's recommendations and sundries, keep an eye on our twitter account.
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Okay so maybe we should have spent more than 26 seconds naming our podcast, because it turns out that SlashCast already exists and will be back Sept. 1 (check it out!), meaning instead, [personal profile] mklutz and I will be wasting your time with the Slash Report instead. Or if you are too lazy to type all of that: /report.

We're totally psyched that you guys seem to be enjoying the first one, and we're scheduled to record our second one later this week. Spoilers: we'll be talking about superheroes! With [personal profile] thehoyden, even! So tune in to hear just how little I know about that, you know, superheroes.

Until then, if you want to be tuned in on updates for the /report, you can follow our twitter, where we'll update for when we post new episodes as well as our weekly fic rec links.

To catch up, listen to or download here on cloudly, alt or option+click to download.

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