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All right, normally I wouldn't post a section this short, but this journal has been a WASTELAND this month, so you know what, why not? Happy reading. Have some Deanna Beth Winchester's Crazy Fucking Family Being All Crazy All Over Each Other:

Title: Wayfinding, pt 9/?
Rating: R, for see above
Summary: In which I probably prompt speculation over whether or not John's going to bone Anna, or at least Ellen is wondering about it, we get a little more color on Sam's existing body count, and Bobby's the only voice of reason. )

And I mentioned a while back that I had made a playlist for when I was working on this story, and I think a few people expressed interest in knowing what it was. I'm not going to upload any songs, but in case you want to put your own version together:

1. "Astigmatism," Astronautalis
2. "Breathe," Telepopmusik
3. "I Will Possess Your Heart," Death Cab for Cutie
4. "All These Things That I've Done," The Killers
5. "She's a Jar," Wilco
6. "Daughters," John Mayer
7. "The Artist," The Hush Sound
8. "Soldier," Ingrid Michaelson
9. "Feelin' Love," Paula Cole
10. "American Car," Mike Doughty
11. "Teardrop," Massive Attack
12. "Cold Cold Water," Mirah
13. "Cruel," Tori Amos
14. "Light on a Hill," Margot & the Nuclear So & Sos
15. "All Is Not Lost," OK Go
16. "Chain," Ingrid Michaelson
17. "Suitcase," Joe Purdy
18. "Anthem," Phantom Planet
19. "Come on Get Higher," Matt Nathanson
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I'm not dead!

Title: The Girlfriend Experience
Rating: NC-17, for a lot of fucking. I was taking requests at one point.
Summary: (Supernatural) While it's not like Dean hasn't had a couple of truly regrettable hit-and-runs in his sexual history, this is probably the saddest fucking thing that has ever happened to him.

Happy reading! Also, if you know what the title means: you have lived just as bad as I have.
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Title: Wayfinding, pt 7/?
Rating: R, for John Winchester
Summary: In which Deanna Winchester has always been John's perfect girl, Sam didn't deserve this, and Cas didn't see it coming. )

This part brought to you by the Delta SKY Lounge wifi and open bar.
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There are three things about this that make it funny in a super terrible way:

(1) I am moving tomorrow.
(2) Like, to another country.
(3) I basically put off turning off both my power and my cable until literally hours before I had to get on a plane so that I could sit in my empty-ass apartment and sob over television and now I am posting via stolen internet. (Sorry, neighbors.)

Go team Pru. )
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Title: Wayfinding, pt 3/?
Rating: R, for Winchesterssssss
Summary: In which everybody loves each other too much and sometimes, being a Winchester fucking sucks. )

I was talking to my friend tonight, tossing plot ideas back and forth with her, and it became evident that this story is going to be much, much longer than I had anticipated. FML.
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Title: Wayfinding, pt 2/?
Rating: R, for Supernatural bein' itself
Summary: In which the gender disparity becomes even clearer, English verb tenses aren't sufficient for the Winchesters' use, and Deanna thinks it's pretty irresponsible for John not to care about Sam getting knocked up, too. )

Writing this while watching While You Were Sleeping is weird, guys.

Also, downstairs neighbors, stop smoking weed with all your windows open, it's DISTRACTING.
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Title: Wayfinding, pt 1/?
Rating: R, for the Winchesters' mouths
Summary: In which it would be difficult for Deanna Winchester to be the righteous man, I indulge my college nostalgia, and Castiel needs to turn down the volume. )

I always end up unable to resist my urge to write genderfuck. It always changes a story in so many ways, and I've been obsessed with how the Winchester's story would be different if Dean was born Deanna for years now. Happy reading!
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The last two weeks have been legitimately completely insane, and I got to participate less this year than I had hoped, and less than I have in the past, but it's been amazing to come home each night (you know, whenever) and see what other people have posted, and that the community is still running and that people are still talking about the project, years since I first started it to cauterize a wound. Funnily enough, I'd been wanting to write a women and work essay -- which was completely derailed for me by work. Irony. Anyway. Thank you. You're all amazing. Happy Valentines Day. Happy Vagina day.

Title: Asunder
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Supernatural. Wherefore they are no more twain, but one flesh. What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder. (Matthew 19:6)

Oh, and in case anybody wanted to see the Vulcan deer. )
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Title: Asunder, pt 5/?
Rating: R, for embarrassing childhood stories
Stummary: In which Jo gets medieval with a staple gun, Cas really should have known better, and everybody is totally unsubtle. )


No but seriously, I have to stop cheating. NO MORE.

Anyway, word count as of right now on that --

21065 / 50000 words. 42% done!
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ETA: WTF, this didn't crosspost? Anyway, uh, sorry LJ-only readers!

It was a horrible, horrible, horrible flight.

Title: Asunder, pt 4/?
Rating: R, because now Ruby's getting in on the act.
Summary: In which Dean isn't fooling anybody, Sam is wearing a Smurf t-shirt, and Cas doesn't need anybody to protect him. )

And now I am home. Happy reading!
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Fair warning, I am like, two-thirds of a bottle of rose in at this point, so you know. Be aware of that. (Also, oh my God, when I went to the counter of the wine store, I was like, "This is a beautiful store; it's the first time I've been here since you guys opened!" and the lady at the register was like, "We deliver! For free!" like SHE KNEW ME OR SOMETHING. GUYS IT WAS REALLY CREEPY OKAY?)

Good God, Y'all, wherein I realize that 300x a bigger fangirl than I thought I was. )
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[personal profile] rageprufrock: DEAR GOD
[personal profile] rageprufrock: PLEASE LET THIS BE
[personal profile] rageprufrock: A BLIND ITEM
[personal profile] rageprufrock: WRITTEN BY JENSEN ACKLES
[personal profile] rageprufrock: PLACED ON CRAIGSLIST
[personal profile] twentysomething:LOL
[personal profile] leupagus: ??
[personal profile] rageprufrock: FOR JARED PADALECKI: Which Actor is Cruising Craigslist for Companions?
[personal profile] twentysomething: AHAHAHAAHAHAHA
[personal profile] leupagus: OMG
[personal profile] twentysomething: I DIE!!!
[personal profile] leupagus: Jensen is totally not smart enough to do this, though
[personal profile] twentysomething: okay to use craigslist?
[personal profile] rageprufrock: Oh, I think he's smart enough 
[personal profile] rageprufrock: I also think he's mean enough
[personal profile] rageprufrock: and I also think that he and Misha Collins?
[personal profile] rageprufrock: are bad news bears together
[personal profile] rageprufrock: Jared's going to get home and check his email and in addition to all his like emails from body positive websites and Daily Candy it'll be like a fuckton of this stuff
[personal profile] rageprufrock: and be like WTFFFFFFFFFFFFF
[personal profile] rageprufrock: I DON'T EVEN LIKE ASIANS
[personal profile] twentysomething: AHAHAHAHAHA
[personal profile] twentysomething: all we have to do is wait for misha to twitter about it
[personal profile] twentysomething: it'd be like
[personal profile] twentysomething: CALLING ALL ASIAN TWINK MINIONS I NEED YOU ASSEMBLE

Yes, all of this happened at work. As an apology and a compensation, here, have some smut:

Title: Fall
Rating: NC-17, because it is autumn now and obviously that calls for assfucking.
Summary: (Supernatural) Ann Arbor got the memo it was fall about a week ago, and ever since the entire towns been going fucking nuts over it.

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