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A recommendation for everybody who bitches there aren't any interesting female characters on television: stop watching SyFy and turn on CBS. My obsession with The Good Wife has just amped itself up to 11. The title in itself is tongue in cheek, and the series -- supposedly just a legal procedural -- is fucking fascinating. I grew up watching every single legal procedural in the world, and the Good Wife has proven so far that they, collectively, ignored everything interesting about the law. I hate half the characters on the Good Wife. But I hate them so much that even the hate is good; the cases are good; they show you weird stuff about the law you never knew before, and that's all without even broaching the amazing fucking piece of work that is the lead character, Alicia Florick, a Silda Spitzer character that is so, so much more. For those of you who need further enticement? Her husband, Peter, is played by Chris Noth, and her boss at her mid-tier law firm is played by none other than Josh Charles. I stayed up until 12:40 in the morning watching it today, and now I am staying up even later writing a pimp post because I cannot handle being like, one of two people I know who actually watches this fucking show anymore. I don't want a fandom. I don't want fanfiction. (That's a lie. Everybody please write me Alicia/Will. Or fic where Kalinda gets Alicia hammered. Please.) I just want other people to shriek at about this totally amazing series.

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